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Clara Nartey Artist

Hi there,

I'm Clara. I'm a textile artist, and a lover of everything creative. I tell stories through bold and colorful textile portraits. Welcome to my shop. 

My love for bright and bold colors is rooted in my African heritage. Growing up in Ghana, I was surrounded by an abundance of patterns, shapes, joyful colors, and a tradition that cherishes fabrics. 

I express this joy of life through the art I create. I center my work around the empowerment of women. My work challenges restrictive societal beauty standards for women and encourages positive self-image in young girls. 

I believe that Black women should be able to wear their natural hair without any repercussions. In creating these pieces, I'm building confidence in girls by celebrating black hair in art and showing girls that they can become whomever they want to become.

You’ll find different types of art here in my store: deluxe prints, premium canvases and original textile art. Grab some for yourself and loved ones. They’ll not only  look great In your spaces, they're bold statement pieces (they make you stand for something), and they are awesome conversation starters. 

Thanks for collecting my art. I appreciate your support. Your purchases make it possible for me to live my dream of having a sustainable art career and to be able to empower a generation of women with confidence and positive self-image. 

So, thank you.